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“If we are wonderful parents and family members, then there’s really nothing else to prove.” –Ron Baratono Becoming a mother changed my entire life in so many ways. From the day I found out we were expecting, a whole new world slowly revealed itself to me. And once he arrived, I often found myself trying […]

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3 Parenting Subscriptions That Make Life Easier


“If we are wonderful parents and family members, then there’s really nothing else to prove.” –Ron Baratono

Becoming a mother changed my entire life in so many ways. From the day I found out we were expecting, a whole new world slowly revealed itself to me. And once he arrived, I often found myself trying to determine a system that works for not just me but us as a family. This would be a way of doing things that adapts with us over time yet remains a constant pillar for us to rely on. 

Fast forward 2 years later and although I am still learning as he grows and develops, I am a lot more informed of the tools and services out there to help make my life easier. For over a year now, I have 3 subscriptions that I highly value to help me parent and run a more streamlined household. 



Lovevery is a game changer for parents who want to maximize their children’s learning potential and development capability. Their team of developers consist of researchers, experts, academics and specialists to create toys that meet our child’s needs while also keeping them engaged and entertained. Their toys have won awards for supporting children’s brain development at each important stage. The materials are sustainable, organic and natural – safe for the planet and for our children. 


From the first 12 months through 3 years of age, you have the ability to sign up for play kits and/or book bundle subscriptions, which you can cancel at any time.  You would enter your baby’s birth date, activate the subscription and receive items at the appropriate time for your child’s stage. 


 Having this subscription truly empowers me to feel that I have all the tools and supplies to provide my son with exactly what his developing needs are as he grows. Did I mention that he LOVES every kit that arrives? Knowing that seasoned specialists already took care of all my wants and needs for me, there is a lot less pressure to make sure I am not missing anything important. Their kits are so mindful and really enrich us parents with knowledge, tips and activities that extend beyond what came in the box. I also love having an email subscription with the brand because they’re just as informative and reassuring to receive on a frequent basis. The price point is of value although many homes may find it costly. I love that they introduced a line of toys with Target to make their products more accessible to all parents.



Borobabi is a gem that I’m surprised many don’t know about. Started by two mothers originating from my home state, New Jersey, Borobabi has a circular model that up-cycles, recycles and compusts clothing in efforts to provide what is best for our children and their future. 


You have a ton of options: You can shop the website and can either rent or buy the items of your choice, which can be new or pre-loved. If you decide to rent, the monthly prices are up to 75% lower than retail. When the season changes or your baby outgrows the clothing, you simply return the items to the company for another family’s use. You could also sign up for a bundle that is hand-selected by mommy stylists based on your style quiz results. Once the items arrive at your home, you’d have 5 days to decide on renting, buying or returning. 


It’s affordable and adaptable to the nature of fast growing, messy children while helping our planet. I often rent pre-loved items from the company, currently spending less than $30/mo for 7 pieces. Whether you are renting or buying, you can always return all Borobabi items – with no expiration & in any condition. YES – you don’t have to clean or stain remove the items before returning them making the return process as simple as possible. The brands Borobabi partners with make quality, sustainable and timeless pieces. All of their items are laundered using sterilization and A-rated detergents approved for infant use by the Environmental Working Group. For those who return items they’ve purchased, they will receive store credit worth 20% of the original price. 



Little Spoon is a company that devotes its efforts to making life easier for parents. They noticed a lack of fresh, organic baby food in the marketplace and devoted time to curating healthy and convenient options for families. Starting with blends, they branched off to toddler and big-kid friendly meals and snacks. They have created a stronger bridge between what is healthy and what is easy for parents, something I really appreciate.

While I am rather new to Little Spoon, I have been a baby food subscriber for almost two years now. I previously held my subscription with Yumi but actually canceled it earlier this month for a number of reasons. I’d be happy to share my experience with the company in another post, so please let me know if you are interested by adding a comment below.


Selecting from Babyblends, Plates, Smoothies and/or Boosters, you provide Little Spoon with your child’s DOB and some details about you. From there you’d select a meal plan/delivery frequency that best suits your family (they show you their most popular options). After submitting payment, you will select the meals or items that you would like to have for your baby. You can modify, skip or cancel your subcriptions at any time. My first order was placed on a Saturday and was scheduled for delivery the upcoming Friday. I selected the 12 meals to be delivered every 2 weeks costing roughly $86 plus shipping. There are codes for first timers that I took advantage of, saving about $17 off the entire order.


I like to have a food subscription to fill in the gaps that come about at times. Everyday, I focus on breakfast and dinner and use my baby food subscriptions solely for lunch. Although we are a relatively healthy-eating family, we are also a one-car household. This makes running to the grocery store to buy items I may need a bit harder. Also, if I am low on greens or certain nutrients to help my son’s bowel movements or boost his immune system, I can quickly select one of these pre-planned options to fill in any gaps. It’s also easy for the nanny who frequents our home and may struggle to put together something for my son. 

For any new or slightly older family adjusting to the never-ending responsibilities of parenting, I highly recommend they consider outsourcing quality service with these companies to help reduce the workload while ensuring that all needs are still being met. 

Blessings to you and your family! 



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