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Makeup is the finishing touch, the final accessory.” – Marc Jacobs  When you find the right beauty products that work for you, it is simply empowering.  The way I see it, makeup is a tool. A tool that helps you refine, polish and present who you are – face forward. It doesn’t define you, nor […]

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A Natural Makeup Routine for Darkskin


Makeup is the finishing touch, the final accessory.” – Marc Jacobs 

When you find the right beauty products that work for you, it is simply empowering. 

The way I see it, makeup is a tool. A tool that helps you refine, polish and present who you are – face forward. It doesn’t define you, nor should it hide your essence. When done well, it compliments, enhances and gives you even more freedom to be who you are, unapologetically. 

This is my beloved makeup routine, the way I get myself together in the mirror when I want to look my best. This routine focuses on reducing my flaws, while still looking like me in the most natural way. No matter what your skin type or color is, I believe anyone can take away something valuable from this routine.


The Base 

Having a well moisturized, balanced skincare routine is a great base for your makeup application. It can help the formulas that you apply perform better and longer. By doing your skincare routine first, including fast working serums, you are not only taking care of your skin but the overall appearance will look healthy and balanced. 

The Brows 

Recently, I’ve started doing my brows before foundation. This is so that the eyebrow formula has an easier time gliding through hairs and skin without the extra layers of product. My brows look the most natural when they are close to black. Over the years, many brands have updated their formulas and weren’t able to keep their existing shade lineup consistent, although they kept their names, causing me to part from the brand in search of the same results I was used to. Currently, I enjoy using the Brow-Lebrity Micro Brow Pencil from Ardell which I really like but it does not last long, unfortunately. Not only is there not enough formula in the packaging, it breaks quite easily – shortening the lifespan even further. I’ve also been using E.L.F.’s Instant Lift Brow Pencil in Black which formula lasts longer and doesn’t break as easily. 

The Foundation

Currently, I have three different foundations to help color match correctly. This is because of the natural coloring that differs throughout my face, as well as when the weather changes. In the summer, I am darker than I am in the winter time. The same is true for most. 

Currently, I am a close match with the Very Valentino Light-Lasting Perfecting Foundation in DN3. If you want a foundation that feels like air on your skin but still covers hyperpigmentation and dark spots with SPF then you must try it! However, I also keep Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation in 14 because it matches my skin at its lightest. This foundation is rich, beautiful and high performing. The girls and I love it, just check the reviews. And finally, Uoma Beauty’s Say What?! Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation is my go to in Black Pearl T2N when I am at my darkest or want to create depth through foundation instead of a concealer or bronzer. 

Pro tip: start from the center of your face and work the foundation outward. Using a beauty blender or an advanced foundation brush will help the makeup seep into your skin for a more natural look. The idea is for your makeup to sit with your skin and not on it. 

The Concealer 

You must use concealer, this is non-negotiable. It lifts, brightens and instantly awakens your overall look in the most natural way. However, it is important to apply and set this correctly as it can be the source of oily, cakey looking makeup. 

I love to mix my concealer shades together, focusing on the light-points of the face. These are: the middle-center of the nose, under the eyes, the forehead space above the brows and the center of your chin. At the moment, I have a number of different concealers but I keep grabbing for Honest Beauty’s FreshFace Concealer in Mocha and the Stay Woke Concealer from Uoma Beauty in the shade Black Pearl T2.

Before tucking my concealer away, I use a flat-ended brush to clean up my brows. I do this by spreading a thin layer of the concealer, lining the bottom half of my brows. I find leaving the top less defined makes them look more natural. 

Pro tip: apply concealer to your face with a damped beauty blender that has been gently sprayed with setting spray. Press into the skin by dapping until the concealer blends effortlessly into the foundation. Get as close to your bottom lash line as possible, leaving no trace of dark areas. 

The Powder 

I set my concealer and entire face with powder to extend the lifespan, reduce oil buildup and create a poreless finish. I use the same beauty blender from the pro tip mentioned above and take Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Loose Setting Powder in Translucent to sit on top of the areas I concealed. The thicker the powder, the better and the longer you let it sit,  the stronger the performance. To maximize this time, I start my eyeshadow while it sits or my eyeliner and lashes if I’m going without eyeshadow. By the time I’m done with my eyes, I brush off any excess powder with Valentino’s On-The-Move Soft Matte Radiance Perfecting Powder in 5. This is a finishing powder that brings back the color to my skin, while perfecting the entire look. The formula is refillable so you can extend the use of the travel friendly compact.

Pro tip: Spray with your favorite setting spray before and after this step for lasting results. Keep setting spray at a distance to avoid water spotting.

The Eyes 

My everyday makeup look usually consists of a dark/black liner and wispy lashes. For the deepest of liners, I like to use this, this or that. My favorite natural-looking lashes are from Lilly Lashes, I frequently purchase from their mink lineup. 

The Blush 

I finish off my entire look by bringing a touch of color to my face. Currently, I’m obsessed with Honest Beauty’s Creme Cheek + Lip Color in Plum Berry – I reach for it everytime! It’s a dual purpose item that I only really use on my face. The texture is creamy so it softens the powdery matte finish that I usually have after using all the powder. The color harmonizes my entire face and lasts a pretty long time. I also love that it’s a clean beauty item. 

Pro tip: Not sure where to apply your blush? Smile in the mirror and focus on the shape of your raised cheeks. Dab just a bit on your chin and forehead to keep the flush looking most natural. 

The Spray 

Don’t forget to set! If you’ve followed my steps in detail, you’ve already been spraying throughout the process. I like to use a matte setting spray in the summer and a semi-matte or radiant finished spray in the winter to makeup for the lack of moisture in the air. 

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