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cleanse your mind body and spirit

What do you do when situations feel stagnant? When something just feels off or you are starting to feel overwhelmed? Bookmark this page for ideas on how to rejuvenate your life through small but impactful actions.

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Ways to clear your mind, body & spirit

Personal Growth

As I write this, it is February: a month of love, celebration of culture and unpopular to most, a season of cleansing. 

February, from the Latin word februa literally means “to cleanse”. 

Cleansing is important because it allows energy to flow and move more effectively in every way. We all have experienced the benefits of having a clear mind or a clear space. The act of renewal. At the beginning of the month, I challenged my newsletter readers to cleanse in an area of their life. Although I’ve tied this activity to the month of February, this can be done at any time:

New month, new quarter, new life change, new season…

Because you need to, because you can, because you feel like it… 

If you don’t know where to start, here are a number of things you can do in different areas of your life to start benefiting today: 


The digital world can get overwhelming, if left unchecked. Clean the unnecessary from your:

  • Inbox (emails, especially)
  • Followed social media accounts
  • Subscriptions (streams, emails, social media, etc.) 
  • Photo album(s)
  • Downloads folder
  • Desktop
  • Softwares and apps
  • Start-up programs 
  • Notifications 
  • Web browser


The items in your space carry an energy that you are exposed to everyday. Consider placing your attention to:

  • Handbags and wallets 
  • Pockets of outerwear and bottoms
  • Overstuffed closets and drawers 
  • Bedding and bedroom items 
  • Old relationships (photos, letters, left behind items, etc.)
  • Pantries and kitchen items 
  • Filters and air ducts
  • Expired makeup and skincare products
  • Outdated magazine subscriptions
  • Outdated prescriptions and medications
  • Your car(s) and trunk space
  • Damaged or broken items
  • Unused items 
  • Opening up the windows
  • Utilizing essential oils and humidifiers 


Your body is a temple that often communicates with us more than we realize. Rejuvenate it by:

lisa aidoo
  • Fasting
  • Simplifying your meals by eating the same thing everyday
  • Water cleansing to flush out the system
  • Utilizing sea moss
  • Consistently drinking a vitamin and mineral-rich drink at the start of your day 
  • Practicing deep breaths to calm and release the body
  • Introducing more herbs and supplements into your diet
  • Exercising 
  • Eating only fresh food
  • Removing sugar from your diet
  • Limit or refrain from drinking alcohol
  • Sleeping


Connect with the energy of God that is all around us by:

  • Sitting still in the sunlight for at least 30 minutes
  • Reading his word or testimonies of his work
  • Keeping a journal
  • Meditating (on his wonder, scripture, etc.)
  • Praying or having a conversation with God and/or those that have passed
  • Burn incense 
  • Spending time in nature
  • Connecting with animals and other living things
  • Visualization (God’s light entering your body, darkness dissolving away)
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