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Discover the 12 ways to immediately shift your mindset and completely change your life using just your mind. Listed out are beliefs with actionable tips that will cultivate a positive mindset and make impactful changes that will last.

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12 Beliefs to Shift Your Mindset

Personal Growth

In the Fall of 2022, I was not in a good mental headspace to say the least. 

I definitely did not have the capacity to write a blog post recommending the beliefs that will shift your mindset into positivity.

I found myself living in a city I did not like, with no family and very few options for friends. 

The large investments I made into my business were plummeting. 

I was chasing a 2 year old around most of the day. 

And on top of that, I was 4 months into an unexpected pregnancy. 

It was heavy and often felt never-ending. 

The darkness found me alone, vulnerable and it made itself a place to stay. 

The sadness overcame me and slowly took over my entire way of thinking. 

I could always turn to my husband but eventually that felt like a burden on him, as he was already carrying enough as it was. 

I looked for a therapist and when finding the right fit proved to be difficult, I started the journey alone. 

Fast forward to 2023. 

Recently, a friend of mine who lives abroad called to “check on your mental health”, as she put it. 

And me, being the honest and forthcoming person that I am, unloaded the luggage, the heaviest items that I was carrying in my heart at that moment. 

When our conversation ended, she revealed how much better I sounded. 

She could tell that a cleanse had taken place.

Not that my circumstances had significantly improved but that my speech had. She could tell that my new beliefs shifted my mindset.

Because I was thinking differently, I was speaking differently. 

Thus, my circumstances were beginning to change. 

I was changing.

In order to change my life, I had to change.

And it started with my mind to combat the forces that were keeping me down. 

But that’s easier said than done. 

“How can I start to change my mind?”,  you might ask. 

Well, I’m glad you are here and before we dive in further, bookmark this page for future reference because it may come in handy when you need it most. 


These are the 12 beliefs that will shift your mindset and foster belief that will help propel you to improving your life:


As stated in the living Bible, 

“And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”  

Philippians 1:6 ESV

Believe that as long as you are alive, you have a purpose on this earth and that purpose can be very simple. 

Think of how many souls that are 6 feet under, who wish they could have the opportunity to live again. 

Each day presented to you is a blessing. Take nothing for granted. 

The air you have to breathe is a gift. If you can walk, it is a gift. If you can talk, it is a gift. 

Repeat after me, “God is not done with me yet”. 


Believe this journey that you’re on, this position that you find yourself in, was handcrafted just for you. 

As if the universe knew exactly what to throw at you to strengthen your endurance. 

Do not cling on to your family or friends. This is your own personal challenge that will require you to show up and alone. 

Of course, you can be inspired by others. You can take the challenge with others who are in similar situations and you can even accept the challenge for the benefit of others. 

However, the work the challenge requires can not be completed by anyone else but you. 

Believe that no one is coming to save you. 

You are who you are waiting for. 


Visualization is the genesis of manifestation. Take time to imagine the impossible. Create with your own mind the images of your wildest dreams. Be highly specific, down to the scent in the air. Break off, bit by bit, the layers of doubt and disbelief.

Why can’t you have those things? Who says you can’t have that dream? What gives that voice the power over you?

 If you want it, it is possible. And that is enough – no complicating it. Believe it is possible and that you are worthy of obtaining it. Visualize having it once a day, making it personal.

It is yours.


Society has a way of distracting us and busying our lives. It is essential to trim the fat from what is in front of you and take only what you need to keep going. 

Guard your mind like a soldier in the night. Create a boundary.

Believe that you have the power as gatekeeper over what you let in and give your attention to. 

Your time is precious and you are responsible for it. 

Trust yourself enough to know that if something is taking too much from you, your energy and your peace, you will recognize it. 

Be empowered enough to say no because your peace of mind has no price tag and so it is worth everything. 


What happens when a seed falls on concrete? 

Be the viable soil that can bring forth change. That can bring forth life.

Ready your mind for the seeds of change that is to come. 

et go of any expectations and strive for the best. Do not set any timelines just believe it is coming. 

Nothing is good or bad if you are accepting. 

Believe that you are receptive to what may come. 

Embrace any change and be willing to work with what is given. 

Just flow, like water.


What happened yesterday can turn around tomorrow. 

You are not poor, you are experiencing poverty.

You are not rich, you are experiencing abundance.

Refuse to attach your circumstances with your identity. 

Believe that you always grow from your circumstances. Slowly but surely, everyday, you are getting better.

Give yourself permission to make mistakes and learn from them. 

You overcome adversity. 


The power of the tongue should not be underestimated. It can move the spiritual world before it shows up in your reality. 

Believe that if you speak change into your circumstances with conviction, things will change. 

Believe that you have the power to ignite the change by claiming it will. 

Use present tense words and phrases, no wishful or passive speaking.

Those words echo in space needing a place to land. 

If your amount of faith is the size of a seed, use 100% of that seed-size faith. 

Verbalize it and let it go.


It is impossible for you to know everything there is to know. 

Rid yourself of that impossible expectation. 

Many have come before you, each with lessons of their own. And a lot of those lessons are copied in literature. 

Equip yourself with the lessons of the past and present that are detailed in books. 

If it resonates with you, keep it close to your heart.

Believe the answer you seek is out there and will be discovered. 


Nothing will change, if nothing changes. 

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

(Albert Einstein is often quoted as the source of this quote but I recently discovered that it’s not his exact words. Take a read here.)

Believe that if you want something new, you’ll have to start doing something different.

Growth can be very uncomfortable and requires a ton of effort. 

Be willing to put the work in, no excuses.


This world and all that has been created is a wonder. 

The fact that we are here, breathing, feeling and experiencing life is something to never get over. 

Ignite your interest and excitement of new things, new places, new experiences, similar to that of a child. 

Heighten your ability to see, hear, taste, touch, smell and move. 

Believe that there is always something new to discover, try and experience that is awaiting you.

Attempt to see the world from a different perspective (as if you were an alien who just landed on Earth). 

Only the boring get bored. 


Your body is a vehicle through which you navigate through life. If something was to happen to your machine, you would be stuck inside.

Feed your body the best of what it needs to function. Move it everyday. 

Stretch, walk, jog, run, hike, dance, jump, swim. 

Whatever medium that comforts you, oil your machine. 

Believe that if you treat your body with respect, it will reward you.


Many of us are convinced that if we get that one thing, then we will be happy. 

It can be a car, a house, a certain amount of money, or even a certain level of recognition. 

I urge you to let that go. 

Once you obtain it, you may be happy about it but not for long. 

Soon after, that feeling will fade and you may find yourself yearning for something else to replace it. 

Find joy in the process of working towards that reward. 

It can take so long to reach your goal, that the day you receive it feels minute. 

90% of the effort for 10% of the reward. 

Do not spend 90% of your effort, miserable. 

Believe that now is worth celebrating, even in the midst of imperfection.

Be grateful for what you have while actively striving for more. 

By incorporating these 12 beliefs, I strongly believe that your mindset will dramatically shift. Empowering you to take ownership and make necessary changes for the better. Will you be incorporating these beliefs into your future?

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