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I'm Lisa: a wife, a mother and a real estate consultant. Welcome to my little world, where you'll see bits and pieces of my life, my favorite products, lifestyle guides, parenting hacks, my beauty tips & tricks, parts of my home, sneak peaks of some cool collabs, launches + more!

This is my happy place where I love to share parts of my life with you and bring you along for the ride! It's a place where dreaming big is always encouraged and following your heart is too! I hope sharing with you parts of my life and journey, can somehow inspire you to live out your own dreams and make your life: look good, feel good. I hope you enjoy it & it becomes your daily read because I always love having you come by. xx

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Lisa Aidoo
"When things look good, you feel good!
and when you feel good, the world is yours. - Lisa Aidoo".


A little about me / Lisa aidoo


Lisa Aidoo

Lisa Aidoo enhances the homes and lifestyles of the multi-hyphanated women by selecting the best of style, parenting and all things lifestyle through engaging content and shoppable guides.

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Beginning my day with prayer, meditation, journaling and movement is all I need to have a great day.

 I've worked in the beauty and fashion industry for eleven years under brands like Giorgio Armani, Donna Karan and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

My love for interior design developed by selling luxury real estate in Los Angeles for two years.

I have traveled to 13 countries and counting.

I do everything with my left hand.

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My husband is truly my best friend and our lives evolve around the little family we created.

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"Life changes when you take the time to fill your cup before pouring onto others. Make showing up for you a habit in every way and everything else will follow." 

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INSPIRING,  naturally beautiful AND a joy TO BE around. LISA's success IS IN large part DUE TO her SINCERITY and REALNESS displayed in HER every DAY, FABULOUS life."


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Lisa is a true joy to partner with, she not only creates beautiful work but when she creates her content you can see how important her work is. She takes time and thinks methodically of how she wants to deliver the message. She has over delivered and exceeded brands expectations.

 AnnMarie DelaCruz, Manifest Creative Agency